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    You built the foundation, now it's time to elevate your teaching and expand your offerings. We invite you to join Noda Yoga with The Center For Integrative Yoga Studies’ 300-hour Advanced Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training. Our advanced training was built to support your journey as a teacher, with the addition of an Internship Program. Interested in investing in yourself and in your teaching career?


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  • Yoga is a growing field which is gaining acceptance as a complementary modality with many body-based and mental support professions. More than ever, scientific research is demonstrating the therapeutic benefits of yoga and these ancient practices are becoming more mainstream as people turn to the mat to create a sense of strength, fluidity and harmony in their bodies and minds. Based on learning ancient yoga philosophy and experiencing practices that embody the teachings, this advanced training program offers a strong foundation for understanding and applying the therapeutic benefits of yoga.

  • Pay in Full

    • Early Bird Pricing: Pay in full by November 30, 2019 minus $400 application fee ($150 non-refundable & $250 goes towards your tuition) = $4050
    • Pay in full after November 30, 2019 (Deadline: December 30, 2019) minus $400 application fee ($150 non-refundable & $250 goes towards your tuition) = $4250
  • Pay on a per Module basis

    • After December 30, 2019 OR if you wish to participate on a per module basis = $5100 - $5800
    • Per Module: $375 Early Bird or full priced at $425


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     *Internship fees are NOT included in tuition price



    • To receive a Yoga Alliance 500 hour teaching certification, each student must complete the 40 hour internship.
    • The Internship will consist of case studies and a capstone project.
    • Internship fee* is $500. (to be paid directly to mentor as internship begins)
    • Each student will have four months to complete.

    *Internship fee is separate from the tuition fee; no matter if you select the pay in full or per module basis payment option.


    Note: For more details, please read through to the bottom of page to review Terms & Conditions and Refunds & Cancellations.

  • Format

    The training program is offered in a 12 month format + Internship as a set of 12 core in person modules with a 40 hour internship program that fully integrates all of the learning and supports students in applying the teachings in “real world” environments. While each of the modules focuses on a specific area, all program content combines the latest scientific research into the effects of yoga on improved health, transformation and well-being.

    In partnership with NoDa Yoga, the Center for Integrative Yoga Studies is now offering the certification program over 12 months with a well-discounted option to pay in full for the entire program.

    • We offer Two Options to complete the 300-hour program: A Paid in Full, 12 month investment for all 12 modules OR you may decide to complete the modules at your own pace on a per module basis.
  • Certification & Requirements

    This training is designed for yoga practitioners, teachers and health care providers who want to specialize in applying yoga’s therapeutic benefits to improve well-being and quality of life. Successful graduates of this program may apply with the Yoga Alliance as an RYT-500 and will be certified as an Advanced Level Yoga Teacher with a speciality in the applications and benefits of therapeutic yoga.

    Students who successfully complete either pathway (pay in full or modular-based) are qualified to register as a Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance as an RYT500. Students must be graduates of a Yoga Alliance approved 200-hour teacher training in order to register with the Yoga Alliance as RYT200 or RYT500. Students currently enrolled in a Yoga Alliance approved 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training may attend the 300-hour programs, but must meet the Yoga Alliance requirements in order to register with the organization as an RYT under any certification. In order to meet admissions into the CIYS 300-hour training, students must be enrolled in or graduated from a 200-hour Yoga Alliance approved program.

    Pursuant to Yoga Alliance and International Association of Yoga Therapists rules and regulations, no graduate shall deem themselves a “yoga therapist,” but rather an advanced level yoga teacher with a speciality in the benefits and applications of therapeutic yoga.

  • Topics & Highlights

    Based on the belief that each person desires harmony and health and has the inner guidance to move forward on that path, this program offers a yoga education that fosters physical and mental safety, inspires inner exploration and growth, and is founded on the idea that community support lifts up all people. In summary, the program provides grounded and well-rounded information on:

    • Understanding common physical imbalances and dysfunctions from both a western model and a Yoga model
    • Evaluating a client for musculoskeletal imbalances and applying yoga techniques as appropriate and developing a plan that supports the client’s needs and goals
    • Integrating yoga asana, pranayama and meditation as a way to work with various musculoskeletal conditions
    • Evaluating a client for musculoskeletal and psychological conditions and applying yoga techniques as appropriate
    • Understanding the effects of chronic pain and certain psychological conditions on the nervous system and applying yoga techniques for optimal well-being and peace of mind
    • Using pranayama and meditation as a way to address nervous system imbalances
  • Winter is a time of hibernation. Your yoga practice can serve to enhance the season as a quiet time of introspection and restoration. Join us this year to support your spiritual and physical growth to feel revitalized come spring! 

  • Application Process

    Start by selecting your payment method:  Pay in Full or Per Module

    If you wish to take advantage of the discount price and pay in full, complete the 2 Step Process below!

  • If you choose to complete the training on a per module basis, click below to enroll yourself as you see fit!

  • Training Dates

  • To view the full description of each training module,

  • Each module is a 3 day weekend training: Fridays 5:30p - 9:00p, Saturdays 9:00a - 6:30p, & Sundays 8:30a - 4:30p

    All modules are 20 hours and are offered as 20 contact hours, with the exception of the internship program.

    The internship is 40 hours.

    2020 Dates

    *Due to COVID-19 some of our modules will be offered online, which are marked below. Note the hours of our online trainings differ from the original schedule. For more details CLICK HERE.

    Weekend 1: January 10-12 - Experiential Anatomy & Therapeutic Yoga: Myofasciae, Prana & Bandhas: Merging Anatomy & Spirit

    Weekend 2: February 7-9 - Yin Yoga

    Weekend 3: March 6-8 - Experiential Anatomy & Therapeutic Yoga: Upper Limb

    Weekend 4: April 3-5 - Experiential Anatomy & Therapeutic Yoga: Lower Limb

    Weekend 5: May 29-31 & June 5-7 - Addiction *ONLINE

    Weekend 6: June 19-21 & June 26-28 - Exploring Meditation and Yoga Philosophy *ONLINE

    Weekend 7: July 17-19 & July 24-26- Science of Yoga *ONLINE

    Weekend 8: August 14-16 & August 24 - The Yoga Approach to Chronic Pain *ONLINE

    Weekend 9: September 18-20 & September 25-27 - The Yoga Way: Towards Psychological Health and Well-Being *ONLINE

    Weekend 10: October 16-18 & October 23-25 - Yoga & Trauma: Healing with Tantra Hatha Yoga *ONLINE

    Weekend 11: November 6-8 - Adapting Asana

    Weekend 12: December 11-13 - Pranayama's Deeper Practices: Modern Applications in the Ancient Tradition of Tantric Hatha Yoga

    Internship Program: 4 Month format - following program completion: The internship program will be scheduled between mentor and student individually.

  • Meet Your Program Directors

  • Marlysa Sullivan

    MPT, C-IAYT E-RYT 500

    Marlysa is an Assistant Professor at Maryland University of Integrative Health (MUIH) where she teaches in the integrative health sciences and yoga therapy departments. Marlysa has developed courses in the yoga therapy curriculum as well as being the founding clinic director for the  Masters of Science in Yoga Therapy program at MUIH.

    Courses she created and currently teach include: Anatomy and Kinesiology, Yoga Perspectives on Health and Disease, Yoga for  the Chronic Pain, Orthopedic and Neurologic client populations and Physical Activity and Health. She also currently teaches Physiology.

    At Emory University, Marlysa teaches a semester long elective on yoga and mindfulness for physical therapy in the Doctor of Physical Therapy program.

    As a co-founder of the Center for Integrative Yoga Studies, she helps lead the 200 hour training, as well as, courses in the 500 hour training including yoga for chronic pain, anatomy and meditation. She is also on faculty at Omega Institute and teaches at Kripalu. Marlysa is currently consulting on yoga research for both neurocognitive disorder and osteoarthritis and has consulted on research for low back pain. Additionally, she has published several papers and research articles in Yoga Therapy Today, Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, Complementary Therapies in Medicine, and other well-known journals.

    Marlysa has been an active member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists where she served on the educational standards committee to create the competencies for yoga therapists’ education.

    Marlysa has a strong passion for understanding both the more modern and scientific understanding of the body and mind and integrating this information with the ancient teachings, philosophy and practices of yoga. She believes in teaching from an experiential place - that the teachings and practices of yoga must be felt to be understood and to be integrated into caring for our clients. She is excited about the potential that yoga therapy can bring into our current healthcare climate and bringing both the scientific and ancient teachings into the education of our future healers, teachers and practitioners.

  • Holle Black

    C-IAYT, E-RYT 200, RYT 500

    Holle is a yoga therapist with additional certifications in prenatal yoga and kids yoga and has also studied with Matthew Sanford, David Emerson, Tias Little and Mark Lilly.

    Holle has a strong interest and passion for teaching yoga therapeutically and in underserved populations, especially in the trauma population. This has led her to being involved in a research group between Emory University and the Atlanta VA. She is part of an ongoing study and has led 2 pilot groups and 2 research groups studying the medical benefits of yoga on women with PTSD from sexual trauma while in the military. As part of this project, she has received individual training with David Emerson at the Trauma Center.

    Her love of teaching yoga and seeing the benefit of yoga for both underserved and the trauma population has also led her to co-develop and co-direct Centering Youth. A nonprofit organization whose mission it is to bring Yoga and Mindfulness to people in the juvenile or adult criminal justice system, those who have been sexually exploited, abused or are homeless and others who have not had the opportunity to experience the benefits of Yoga and Mindfulness. You can learn more about this organization at www.centeringyouth.com. Her other current and past classes have included teaching in a battered women’s shelter, homeless youth, women who have been sexually exploited and schizophrenia.

    Teaching yoga teachers and therapists in how to teach trauma informed yoga has brought her the opportunity to teach at Emory University in the physical therapy department, she had created a module on trauma for a 500 hour yoga therapy training which is being taught across the country. She is currently developing a certificate in trauma informed yoga for Centering Youth. As part of the Center for Integrative Yoga Studies she teaches a trauma module as well as the Yoga Way: Towards Psychological Health and Well-being which explores the yogic and western views of the mind and how yoga can be used for mental health and transformation.

  • Jeffrey Shoaf

    C-IAYT, LMBT, E-RYT500

    Jeffrey has been an avid practitioner of yoga since his first class 2002. His certifications come from the Pranakriya School of Healing Arts (RYT 200) and the Center for Integrative Yoga Studies (E-RYT 500). His teachers and mentors are Yoganand Michael Carroll, Jacci Reynolds, Marlysa Sullivan and also includes extensive early influence from the work of Gary Kraftsow and Eric Schiffman.

    Jeffrey is also a licensed massage therapist, practicing integrative bodywork with a focus on myofascial release since 2004. He is an avid student of Tom Myers, Robert Schleip and Art Riggs, pioneers of the work and teachings of Structural Integration with Dr. Ida Rolf. He works with clients and students individually, integrating bodywork and yoga therapy techniques to improve and unite the body/mind connection. The primary areas of focus his work are deep tissue massage, trigger point, myofascial release, and Ayurvedic therapies.

    Blending his knowledge from both massage and yoga therapy, Jeffrey teaches with the Center for Integrative Yoga Studies offering programs that involve extensive research in the myofascial system as it applies to Yoga postures, holistic fitness, and advanced breath techniques. He teaches yoga programs and workshops throughout the U.S., and practices massage, bodywork, and yoga therapy in Charlotte, NC where he is based.

  • Tracey Sondik

    C-IAYT, E-RYT500

    Tracey is a licensed clinical psychologist who has been drawn to both traditional asana-based yoga practices along with the quiet contemplative practices of meditation, Yin and restorative yoga for the past decade. She has been strongly influenced by the wisdom traditions of Buddhism, Tantra Hatha yoga, and western psychology and infuses her teaching, workshops, and teacher trainings with these contemplative traditions.

    She has studied extensively with Sarah Powers and is an endorsed Insight Yoga teacher, one of only 9 teachers in the US and Europe to receive this designation. In addition, she has studied with other Yin teachers including Paul Grilley and Josh Summers. Tracy is also a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction teacher completing a practicum training program at UMASS Medical School directed by Jon Kabit-Zinn and Saki Santorelli. She has studied extensively with different Buddhist teachers including Tara Brach, John and Jennifer Welwood, Norman Fisher, Thanissara, Stephen and Martine Bachelor, Pema Chodren, Rebecca Bradshaw, and Sharon Salzberg.

    As a psychologist, Tracey has expertise in neuropsychology and integrative medicine. She has spent most of her professional career working in both inpatient and outpatient settings working with clients that have a wide-range of mental health and brain-based disorders. In addition to my background in neuropsychology, she has a strong commitment to integrative medicine, specifically the utilization of yoga and mindfulness to treat complex mental health and behavioral problems. She formed an integrative medicine committee at the hospital where she works and developed a yoga therapy program utilizing restorative yoga therapy for patients with extreme self-harm and aggressive behaviors.

    Tracey teaches the Yin Yoga module with the Center for Integrative Yoga Studies’ advanced level certification and is serving as an advisor and chair for mental health services on for the “Looking for the Good Project”, a gratitude project directed to shift attitudes with gratitude to empower resilience for children, college students, and adults.

  • Ann Swanson

    MS, C-IAYT, E-RYT500, LMT

    Ann is a yoga therapist, mind-body science educator, and author of Science of Yoga, which will soon be released in 10 languages. She is part heart-based healer and part science nerd. Ann supports people living happier, healthier lives by making wellness non-intimidating and accessible to everybody. With a Master of Science in yoga therapy and roots studying yoga in India and tai chi/qi gong China, Ann uniquely applies cutting-edge research to mind-body practices while maintaining the heart of the traditions. She internationally speaks and teaches on the science supporting yoga's benefits to both the public and yoga professionals. In her private practice, Ann specializes in helping busy people worldwide relieve pain, manage stress, and find ease through one-on-one Telehealth yoga therapy. Learn more about Ann and watch free video practices at www.AnnSwansonWellness.com

  • Tzipporah Gerson-Miller

    LCSW, C-IAYT, RYT-500

    Tzipporah is a licensed psychotherapist, a certified yoga therapist, and a 500 hour therapeutic yoga teacher. Tzipporah has provided psychotherapeutic services for the past 10 years and has worked in a variety of settings including hospice ad palliative care, programs for the homeless, domestic violence shelters, hospitals, psychosocial rehabilitation, crisis stabilization units, and outpatient community mental health clinics. Tzipporah received her MSW from the University of Georgia in 2011 and became a certified yoga therapist in April of 2017 by way of the Center for the Integrative Yoga Studies. Tzipporah offers holistic and integrative psychotherapy specializing in women's mental health, maternal mental health, adolescent and teen girls, feminine spirituality, body-oriented approaches, and integrative yoga therapy to treat the emotional, psychological and functional challenges caused by complex trauma, substance abuse, stress-related disorders, chronic pain, anxiety, and depression. In the beginning of 2017, Tzipporah founded the Southern Yoga Therapy Association which is a local community organization made up of certified yoga therapists, licensed healthcare professionals, and students dedicated to the integration of yoga therapy into the broader healthcare system. Tzipporah joined the teaching faculty of the Center for Integrative Yoga Studies in 2019. She lives with her husband and two children in the Atlanta area. 

  • Terms & Conditions

    • In order to successfully qualify for certification, students agree to complete all necessary components of the program including program attendance, program participation, class assignments, homework, practicums and the internship. Students should review the program schedule and their calendars before applying to the program.
    • If a student misses more than one half (10 hours or more) of any module she or he must attend the same program when it is offered through NoDa Yoga during the following program enrollment. The fee for attendance is $300 (per module) and made to NoDa Yoga. Certification is not granted until all modules and the internship are complete.
    • If a student misses less than one half (9 hours or less) of any module, the hours may be made up one-on-one with the Program Director at a rate of $75 per hour. Please note that not all program content is available for make-up in this way and is offered on a case-by-case basis. Arrangements must be made with and payments are made to the Program Director. Certification will not be granted until all hours are complete.
    • Students who opt for the modular-based training pathway may enroll in any of the scheduled modules and may take the modules in any order, with the exception of the internship. All modules must be complete prior to enrollment in the internship.
    • Modular-based enrollees are not required to submit an admissions form nor pay a deposit for the training.
    • In order to qualify for certification, students who utilize the modular-based training must complete all modules and the internship within three (3) years of the first module taken. Student must pay a $50 review and certification fee directly to CIYS when applying for graduation.
    • The pay in full pathway minimum enrollment of eight (8) students must be met in order for the pay in full program to take place. Otherwise, the program will default to the modular-based pathway as outlined here.
  • Refunds & Cancellations

    • In the event of student withdrawal from the program, the following policies apply: 30 days (or more) prior to program start, 100% of monies paid will be refunded, less $150 non-refundable administrative fee; 29-3 days prior to the training will receive a 50% refund, less non-refundable administrative fee or the monies may be applied towards CIYS programs held at NoDA Yoga. Cancellations within 2 days prior to start of training are not eligible for refund, but are transferable to other CIYS programs held at NoDA Yoga, less the $150 non-refundable administrative fee. Withdrawals from active trainings will result in the loss of all fees paid. Notice of cancellation or withdraw should be sent NoDa Yoga and to the CIYS office in writing.
    • Modular-based refunds are given according to the following schedule: For cancellations 31 or more days prior to the start of the program, 100% of monies paid will be refunded. All cancellations within 30 days are eligible for a partial refund (75% of monies paid). Cancellations within 2 days prior to start of module will be eligible for a tuition credit only at NoDa Yoga. Notice of cancellation by student should be provided to NoDa Yoga and to CIYS via email to [email protected].