• Offering personalized yoga practices for every one.

  • Studio & Reservation Etiquette:

    - Sign up for class online beforehand to reserve your spot. Drop-ins are welcome, unless the class is full. Priority will go to students who have reserved their space online before class begins.

    -If you cannot make it to class, please cancel your reservation online to be mindful of others who want to sign up. If you do not cancel beforehand, this will result in deducting that class from your package.

    -Please check-in at the Front Desk before each class. This is essential so that we can compensate our teachers according to attendance.

    -Turn off your cell phone and alarms and leave it in your cubby before entering the main studio.  Cell phones are not permitted in the practice space.

    -Remove shoes before entering the practice space.

    -Feeling under the weather? Be considerate of yourself and others—stay home and feel better before returning to the studio.

    -When you’re waiting in the lobby, please be courteous of classes in progress and speak at a low volume.

    Class Etiquette:

    -Arrive at least ten minutes before class begins - especially if it's your first time with us! First time visitors will have some light paperwork to complete, and we'd love the chance to show you around the studio before class begins!

    -The classroom door will remain open for 10 minutes after class starts (so if you're running a little late, you can still make it to class!). Out of consideration for those taking class, the classroom doors will close 10 minutes after class begins, and no entrance will be permitted in to the classroom until the conclusion of class.

    -Please inform your teachers of any injuries or conditions that require attention. Our teachers are trained to provide you with safe modifications to any yoga pose.

    -As attendance to class increases, be willing to shift your mat to make space for new arrivals.

    -If you must leave early, please inform the teacher beforehand and position yourself near the exit while you practice to leave as quietly as possible.

    -Please store all of your belongings in a cubby located in the lobby.

    -Please turn off the bathroom lights and shut the door when you are finished.

    -Come to class with an open mind and let the practice unfold where you are today!

    Policies at NoDa Yoga:

    Please *NOTE* NODA YOGA is a place that strives to foster a safe and loving environment for all. In turn, it is our policy that harassment of teachers or staff will NOT be tolerated. If a student's behavior is deemed to be harassing or threatening in any way, NoDa Yoga reserves the right to permanently restrict/remove your access to the studio. Harassment of teachers or staff will also result in the termination of your class pass(es) without refund.


    NODA YOGA reserves the right to cancel/postpone any workshops and/or special events in the event of:

    - inclement weather

    - minimum attendance is not met (in this instance, refunds will be provided in full to anyone who has prepaid).

    We commit to providing you with clear and detailed notification in these instances. Details are readily provided here on our webpage and our social media outlets (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter).