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  • Meet the Team!

  • Our teachers represent our passion for the NoDa Yoga community: we are of all walks of life.
  • Jillian Longsworth


    Yoga Styles: Vinyasa, Restorative, Gentle, Yoga Therapeutics, Yoga for Military & Teacher Training

    Yoga has given me the courage and the strength to follow my heart and to do what I love.  I found yoga when I moved to Charlotte from New York City in 2003.  After years of working in advertising, auditioning for stage roles and teaching in the public school system, yoga gave me a place to slow down and to really look at where my life was going. Initially, the attraction to yoga was the physical aspect and the desire to de-stress and detoxify, but what was ultimately found was an underlying awareness of the ‘self’; a way to connect to the mind, body and spirit. I completed my 230- hour Teacher Training from the Asheville Yoga Center with Stephanie Keach and I am currently pursuing my 500- hour advanced training with Stephanie as well. I am also a certified Yoga Warrior International Teacher as well as an Ambassador for Veterans Yoga Project, with specialized yoga training for war veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  I enjoy teaching Restorative, Gentle, Therapeutic, Vinyasa and Slow Flow.  I believe yoga can benefit the very young to the very “wise”.  If there is one sutra I try to live my life by, it is this:

    ~Santosha~ “By contentment, supreme joy is gained.”

    II-42 The Yoga Sutras of Pantanjali
    “Learn to laugh at yourself and be content with who you are and all that you have.”

    Read more about Bella Vita Yoga

    Read more about www.veteransyogaproject.org

  • Maria Hallowell


    Yoga Styles: Gentle, Vinyasa, Chair Yoga, Chakras, Prentatal, Reiki Energy Work

    I officially began yoga in a formal setting during my studies at the University of Rochester in New York. Through an amazing Eastern Philosophy program, I was first exposed to yoga through texts, poetry, and ancient artwork. When I graduated college, my interest in yoga intellectually had been piqued. As I traveled through the US and Central America, I continued studies in hatha (physical) yoga and eventually began teaching yoga classes for the American Red Cross National Headquarters as a volunteer in Washington DC. After moving to Charlotte in 2008, I began studying Integral Yoga with Pat Joslyn, and received my RYT 200 certificate through her incredible program.

    My personal yoga passions are working with those who are just beginning their unique journey on the yoga path. The foundations of a life-long practice of yoga begin with proper breathing and knowledge of alignment. These are the building blocks that can take you anywhere. Being able to help students rediscover their practice or start a practice for the first time, keeps me connected to my own breath, my own mat, my own self discovery. Through teaching I become a better student.

    Being able to look back over a decade and see the evolution of my own yoga path, reminds me of a good storybook; that part where you turn the page and the character finds a big, old key in a wooden chest that had been long forgotten in the dusty attic. To me, yoga is that key. When you find it, you just know that whatever door it unlocks, it's going lead you on an amazing & life changing adventure...

  • Whitney

    Yoga Styles: Yoga Basics, Slow Flow, Vinyasa, Gentle

    When you get to know me, you will know that most of my life stories start out in unpredictable ways.  For instance, I am one of the few people you’ll ever meet who got her first “real” job in a bar two time zones away pretending to attend a conference I actually never attended. I just wanted to see the city and crashed the hotel room with grad school friends; employment came as a bonus.

    Similarly, my yoga journey started because I was in my mid-twenties and knew my wickedly overactive metabolism was not going to last forever. I needed something in my life that was relatively active (more active than sitting on the couch) and that I could do well into my 90’s. Why start something and only get to do it for a decade (I’m looking at you running shoes)?  My first class was a Bikram class.  I sweated and thought I was at “near death” inside this building painted in extraordinarily vibrant colors.  I didn’t make it through the whole class and had to step outside at one point just to keep the dizziness away. There were toxins released that I didn’t even know existed.  The feeling after that first class was the best buzz I had ever felt.  I was addicted from that point forward and kept returning to what would become less and less of a “near death” experience.

    About a decade ago, I started working on that lifelong-life-rewarding wish list.  On it was teacher training.  One day I decided it was time to stop putting things on the list and start taking things off.  I enrolled in Bella Vita Teacher Training in the fall of 2014.  It’s been an interesting yoga road from that first class to now, filled with wonderful teachers, studios, and styles I’ve loved and hated.  

    Not to sound trite, but yoga for me is a lifestyle choice that connects me to my body.  Maybe some of you are like me and you tell your life story from a third person perspective.  In Yoga, I found that I could better identify feelings (sufferings and joys), better understand what was happening within my own skin—physically and emotionally.  All of which made these things part of me, rather than happening to me.

    My teaching style is spirit-filled.  There will be flow—sometimes fast, sometimes slow.  There will be smiles.  There will be at least one time I confuse my rights and lefts (never ending battle since kindergarten).  There will always be room for breath.  There will always be room for finding your own inner wisdom. 

  • Susan Chittum

    Yoga Styles: Vinyasa, Power Flow

    My first yoga class was at Mindful Motion Yoga in Jacksonville FL. My husband, Randy, actually introduced me to Yoga! We moved from DC to Jacksonville FL about 13 years ago.

    At first, I went with Randy after work. I stopped going with him, feeling lazy after a tired working day. Randy just left me home and went by himself! Then, he stopped going. So, I started attending yoga classes on my own.

    That was the beginning of my beautiful yoga journey and discovery! I realized that life is so precious. When I’m truly alive, everything I touch or do is a miracle, being in touch with what I do and see. The practice of mindfulness is to become alive in the present & wonderful moment for me. Mindful breathing helps me to be calm, relaxed, and peaceful. To me, breathing is a JOY!!!

    I completed my 200-RYT at Mindful Motion Yoga, Jacksonville, FL in 2012 and taught Heated Power Yoga class. I plan to follow my passion to deepen my knowledge for a 300-hour Teacher Training at Asheville Yoga Center.

    We have lived in Charlotte for about 3 years. Having NoDa Yoga nearby was a big reason we chose to live here. It was my dream to reach here and that dream came true a year ago. I am grateful to be part of our community.

  • Carrie W.

    Yoga Styles: Vinyasa, Thai Yoga Therapy, Teacher Training

    Like many of us, my first yoga class took place kind of on accident, in a noisy gym, nearly a decade ago. Despite the less-than-ideal setting, I found myself with tears in my eyes during savasana, and left thinking, "What was that?" Needless to say, my practice grew from there, and I eventually got the urge to enroll in teacher training.

    As a clinical social worker, I actually began 200 hour teacher training with Kristin Cooper Gulak with the intention of enriching my practice as a social worker, however soon found the irrepressible need to teach yoga as well. Since then, I have found the inverse to be true: that my social work background enriches my practice as a yoga teacher as well. Having now completed 500 hour certification through Wilmington Yoga Center, my love and passion for yoga just continue to grow.

    I love teaching creatively flowing vinyasa classes that integrate breath awareness and mindfulness into a practice that both challenges and supports my students, as well as deep stretch and yin classes that integrate meditative awareness and relaxation. Having completed both foundational and advanced Thai Yoga Therapy training with Deon De Wet's School of Thai Yoga Massage, I am pleased to offer one-on-one healing sessions in this tradition.

    I am grateful to many amazing teachers for sharing their gifts so that I may continue to serve others through yoga, and especially within the delightful community that is Noda Yoga! It is with gratitude that I dedicate my teaching to meeting the individual body, mind, and spirit needs of the students and clients I serve.

    Carrie Williams, LCSW, ERYT, 500hr RYT


  • Allison

    Yoga styles: Yin, Vinyasa

    Allison Ford McGuigan, RYT 500

    Allison Ford McGuigan is a Yin Yoga and Vinyasa teacher specializing in helping her students slow down through yoga to balance and restore energy and create ease in the body. She credits her ongoing studies in Yin Yoga and functional anatomy with helping her better understand how different every person’s body is and teach in a way that suits each individual. Allison currently has 200 hours studying Yin Yoga, Anatomy, Chakras, and Meridians with Paul and Suzee Grilley. In addition, Allison had the opportunity to study and obtain certifications with: Sarah Powers - Yin Yoga, Dolly Stavros - Vinyasa Yoga, Heather Till - Prenatal Yoga, Heather Tiddens - Yin and Yang Yoga, and David Keil - Yoga Anatomy. She also has a BA in Arts Management. 

    Yoga captured Allison’s attention long ago as a child and she has explored various styles of yoga on her journey. Allison is a strong believer is creating practices to suit the individual and in balancing the yin and yang of life through yoga to create freedom and space in the body and peace and grace throughout life. 

    Allison has lived and traveled abroad, but for now, is settled back in Charlotte, NC teaching private students, group classes, workshops, and retreats in the area. 

    Read more about Allison at http://allisonmcguigan.com


  • Louise

    Yoga Styles: Gentle Yoga, Slow Flow, Yoga Basics

    Strength, flexibility, and grace… this is what yoga has helped me reclaim in my life!  My daily yoga ritual leaves me with a kinder more spacious heart affirming that  “I am more than enough” for any event in my life.  It is my honor to share all of this and more through my yoga classes. I  have practiced yoga for eight years and completed my 200- hour yoga certification at Asheville Yoga Center in 2014.

  • Carey S.

    Yoga Styles: Yoga Basics, Gentle Yoga, Slow Flow and Vinyasa

    The day I rolled out a mat and awkwardly attempted yoga on my living room floor, turned out to be a pivotal moment.  Lingering injuries made my body and mind long for less impact and more introspection.  Running was no longer an option and the gym had long since bored me, but I knew I had to do something to strengthen my changing body.  Why not yoga?  I began to practice regularly at home.  It took some time for me to venture out to a studio, but when I did, I immediately realized the importance of a teacher—an informed voice who could guide me as I began to connect with my body.  Consistent practice of postures and mindful breathing taught me to let go of effort; as a result, I began to I soften on and off my mat.  

    My interest in the Yoga’s roots piqued, leading me to earn a B.A. in Religious Studies at UNCC.  Countless hours researching and reading about Yoga’s history, philosophy, and its globalization in the modern era shaped my understanding of the of what Yoga “is”.  Yoga is many things to many people and I respect the varied definitions within our yoga community.  To me, yoga is a personal practice of self-exploration. Your mat is a place where you can embrace your perfect imperfection—a sacred space where you can peel away as many inner layers as you wish and openly embrace your outer strength.  As a teacher, I respect my students’ individualities and encourage them to safely honor and explore their unique selves.  My hope is that my students will embrace moments of stillness and cultivate practices that they can take off the mat and into the world. 

  • Nate

    Yoga Styles: Vinyasa, Power Yoga, Slow Flow

    After countless unsuccessful attempts to maintain a consistent workout regimen, I started practicing yoga about six years ago.  Having spent most of my adult life pursuing physical results through repetition and routine at the gym, I’d never considered the possibility of the benefits of aligning the body AND the mind.  After my first class, I was hooked, and have been since.  The practice has helped me stay in shape, pursue a healthier lifestyle overall, and find personal solace in a quieter and more mentally focused activity.  
    What continues to amaze me about yoga is how much there is to be learned, and I learn something new with every class.  I’ve been graced with the opportunity to train with an array of amazing instructors, and alongside so many people that share common goals.  To try harder. To constantly redefine what we are capable of.  To bring the lessons we learn with us when leave class.  To be better.  

    I am very grateful to be a part of the NoDa Yoga community, see you in class!

  • Melissa

    Yoga Styles: Vinyasa

    I moved to Charlotte in 2007 and started attending Noda Yoga (a small boutique studio) in my neighborhood. What began as “therapy” turned into a community that I depend on and contribute to till this day, and what started as a “work out” turned into a renewed sense of body awareness and my physical abilities.

    I enrolled in the 200 hour teacher training at Bella Vita Yoga with Jillian Longsworth and Carrie Williams in January and recently graduated in April. I wanted to take my practice further, but I also longed for my days as a school teacher and my ability to create fun lessons that resonated with my students. I truly want to share a creative and heartfelt practice with others in my life. I am greatly inspired by power yoga and intelligent sequencing and look forward to sharing this with my fellow yogis.

  • Scott

    Yoga Styles: Power Yoga

    My yoga journey began in 2005 when I took my first class at the YMCA. I muscled, tossed, and grunted my way through the hour class and told myself it was not for me! The entire rest of that Saturday, I felt an energy swirling around inside me that I could only attribute to the power of the yoga class I had taken that morning.

    I continued sporadically then became serious about my practice in 2009 when I left the gym and entered the studio. It became evident to me very quickly that I wanted to share my love of yoga with others. In 2011 I began teacher training at Yoga One in Charlotte, NC. I am grateful for the amazing experience I had and the “dream team” of teachers that showed me what I am capable of.

    In my classes, you can expect to always be challenged, get plenty of hands on assisting to help you expand, and have plenty of opportunity to take your practice to places you never thought possible! Oh, and don’t forget the class soundtracks that will have you spending all your money on iTunes afterwards!