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  • Jillian Longsworth, Owner

  • E-RYT, Ambassador-Veterans Yoga Project, Co-Director for Bella Vita Yoga, LLC.

    Vinyasa, Restorative, Gentle, Yoga Therapeutics, Yoga for Military, & Co-Lead Teacher for Bella Vita Yoga 200hr Teacher Training

    Yoga has given me the courage and the strength to follow my heart and to do what I love.  I found yoga when I moved to Charlotte from New York City in 2003.  After years of working in advertising, auditioning for stage roles and teaching in the public school system, yoga gave me a place to slow down and to really look at where my life was going. Initially, the attraction to yoga was the physical aspect and the desire to de-stress and detoxify, but what was ultimately found was an underlying awareness of the ‘self’; a way to connect to the mind, body and spirit. I completed my 230 hour Teacher Training from the Asheville Yoga Center with Stephanie Keach.  Currently, I am continuing my Advanced Therapeutics of Yoga studies with Libby Hinsley through Asheville Yoga Center.  I am a certified Yoga Warrior International Teacher as well as an Ambassador for Veterans Yoga Project, with specialized yoga training for war veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder/trauma/TBI/ yoga for the visually impaired and chronic pain.  I enjoy teaching restorative, gentle, therapeutic, vinyasa and slow flow. 

    Gratitude for my teachers:  Dolly Stavros, Marcia Hoffeins, Stephanie Keach, Shala Worsley, Joe Taft, Libby Hinsley, Doug Keller & many others.  

    If there is one sutra I try to live my life by, it is this:

    ~Santosha~ “By contentment, supreme joy is gained.”  II-42 The Yoga Sutras of Pantanjali

     “Learn to laugh at yourself and be content with who you are and all that you have.”

    Read more about Bella Vita Yoga

    Read more about www.veteransyogaproject.org

  • Yoga Teachers & Front Desk Staff

  • Jenny Eickmeyer

    RYT 200, Manager & Instructor

    Vinyasa, Slow Flow

    I have always found myself drawn to yoga, dating all the way back to middle and high school.  Though my practice was inconsistent over the years, something always brought me back to my mat.  I signed up for Bella Vita's teacher training in 2014 without the intention to actually teach yoga afterwards; I simply wanted to learn how to practice safely while traveling for work.  But everything changed rather quickly once I began practicing more consistently. 

    Yoga has given me a way to find peace of mind, even in the midst of all of the chaos that I often put myself in the middle of.  This stillness that yoga helps me find each time I step on the mat is what I strive to bring to each of my students.  My passion for teaching lies in making yoga accessible to EVERYONE; by allowing students to be challenged, all while meeting the individual where he/she is that day.  I strive to keep each class light-hearted and fun, all while creating a safe and comfortable environment that supports each individual's growth.

  • Whitney Hodges

    RYT 200

    Yoga Basics, Slow Flow, Vinyasa, Gentle

    My journey has never been predictable.  For instance, I am one of the few people you'll ever meet who got her first "real" job in a bar two time zones away pretending to attend a conference I actually never attended.  A desire to see a new city came with the bonus of employment.  Similarly, my yoga journey started because I was in my mid-twenties and knew my overactive metabolism was not going to last forever and I needed something in my life that was active and that I could do well into my 90's.  Why start something and only get to do it for a decade (I'm looking at you, running shoes)?

    About a decade ago, I started working on that lifelong, life-rewarding wish list on which teacher training was.  I enrolled in Bella Vita Teacher Training in the fall of 2014.  It's been an interesting yoga road from that first class to now and filled with wonderful teachers and studios and styles I've loved and hated.

    Yoga connects me (the self) to my body.  In Yoga, I found that I could better identify feelings (sufferings and joys), better physically and emotionally.  All of which made these things part of me, rather than happening to me.

    My teaching style is spirit-filled.  There will be flow - sometimes fast, sometimes slow.  There will be smiles.  There will be room for breath.  There will be at least one time I confuse my rights and lefts (never ending battle since childhood).  There will always be room for finding your own inner wisdom.

  • Carrie Wren

    MSW, E-RYT 500, Life Coach

    Vinyasa, Advanced Certified Thai Yoga Therapy, Co-Founder + Co-Lead Teacher of BVTT

    It all started with my own experience as a yoga student and clinical social worker. I found that I was able to calm my mind, feel better in and about my body, and experience greater ease and contentment in my life. As a clinical social worker {i.e. therapist}, I desired to help my clients experience those same types of benefits in a way beyond the scope of traditional psychotherapy, so when I enrolled in yoga teacher training in 2009, it was with the intention of learning how to share techniques with my therapy clients that would offer them tangible results to help them feel better mentally and physically. Little did I know that I would feel the instinctual pull to teach yoga right away.

    Upon transitioning from a decade-long career of facilitating healing in a traditional therapy setting to supporting clients in feeling greater freedom and ease in their minds and bodies through 1:1 Yoga + Thai Yoga Therapy, and later co-creating a Yoga Teacher Training to educate prospective teachers, I stumbled quite accidentally into life coaching. I found coaching to be one of the most powerful and transformative experiences of my life. Again, the call to offer a deeper, more thorough level of service to my clients and community beckoned, and I enrolled in a metamorphic life coach training. Now, as Coach, I have the privilege of collaborating with my clients to create life-altering, sustaining change in their lives.

    Here are a few of my creds:
    • Life Coach, Accomplishment Coaching • Master of Social Work, University of North Carolina at Charlotte • Licensed Clinical Social Worker (currently non-practicing) • Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT-500), Wilmington Yoga Center • Certified Advanced Thai Yoga Therapy Practitioner, DeonThai School of Thai Yoga Massage • Co-Founder and Co-Director of Teacher Trainings + Retreats, Bella Vita Yoga

  • Allison McGuigan

    RYT 500

    Yin, Vinyasa

    Allison is a yin yoga, vinyasa, and meditation teacher, who focuses on uncovering inner vibrance. She believes this can happen by pausing to notice what brings comfort and ease in the physical body, peace and calm in the mind, and compassion, courage, and happiness in the heart. She credits her ongoing studies in yin yoga and functional anatomy with helping her better understand how different every person’s body is and teach in a way that suits each unique individual.

    Allison obtained her advanced 300 hour certification studying yin yoga, anatomy, chakras, and meridians with Paul and Suzee Grilley. In addition, Allison had the opportunity to study and obtain certifications with: Sarah Powers – yin yoga, Dolly Stavros – vinyasa yoga, Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield – Mindfulness Training (The Power of Awareness), The Veterans Yoga Project – Mindful Resilience for Trauma Recovery, and Heather Till – prenatal yoga, among others. She also has a BA in Arts Management.

    Yoga captured Allison’s attention long ago as a child and the tools of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness are the foundations for what she teaches. Allison is a strong believer is creating practices to suit the individual to find balance and greet life’s only constant – change.


  • Louise Cleveland

    RYT 500

    Beginning Slow Flow, Gentle Yoga, Restorative Yoga

    Strength, flexibility, and grace… this is what yoga has helped me reclaim in my life! My daily yoga ritual leaves me with a kinder more spacious heart affirming that “I am more than enough” for any event in my life. It is my honor to share all of this and more through my yoga classes. I have practiced yoga for 10 years and completed my 500-hour yoga certification at Asheville Yoga Center in 2017.

    I believe that yoga is right for anyone who has interest and you will learn basic yoga poses while focusing on alignment and safety in my Beginning Yoga class. My Thursday night Slow-Flow class focuses on proper alignment, safety and building strength. At my Sunday evening Restorative Yoga class you are invited to drop everything and focus on the beauty of being not doing.

  • Carey Sims

    E-RYT 500, Level 1/2 Adaptive Yoga Certified

    Gentle Yoga, Chair Yoga, Yoga for Back Care, Slow Flow, & Adaptive Yoga

    -Yoga is many things to many people and I respect the varied definitions within our yoga community. To me, yoga is a personal practice of self-exploration. Your mat is a place where you can realize you are enough. As a teacher, I respect my students' individualities and encourage them to safely honor and explore their unique selves. My hope is that my students will cultivate practices that they can take off the mat and into the world.

    Carey is a student of Adaptive Yoga pioneer, Matthew Sanford, and recently completed his 300Hr certification at Asheville Yoga Center. Carey teaches "Gentle Yoga for Back Care" and offers Chair Yoga workshop series at NoDa Yoga. His mission is to make yoga accessible to everyone regardless of age or physical ability.

  • Katie Rodgers

    RYT 200, LCSW

    Restorative Yoga

    Katie Overcash is a 200-hour registered Yoga Instructor that completed her training through Bella Vita Teacher Training.  She has been a Licensed Clinical Social Worker for 15 years and runs her own private practice, Overcash Therapy Services.  Katie has integrated typical talk therapy models, body-based techniques, and brain training with her clients for overall mind-body well-being.

    A Restorative Yoga lover, Katie is an Advanced Relax and Renew® Trainer under Judith Hanson Lasater.  Katie specializes in Restorative and Trauma-Sensitive Yoga.  She loves teaching these styles of Yoga because of how well they complement emotional wellness and her passion for helping others.

    Outside of Yoga and Mental Health, Katie spends her time being active, finding her next Yoga retreat, and reading anything she can get her hands on.

  • Nathan Wojcik

    RYT 200, Assistant Training

    Warm Vinyasa, Power, Slow Flow, Deep Stretch

    After myriad unsuccessful attempts to maintain a consistent workout regimen, I started practicing yoga eight years ago and was immediately hooked. I found that developing a slow, intentional practice made me feel so much better physically and mentally, and it wasn’t just about gritting through a workout. The practice has helped me stay in shape, pursue healthier lifestyle choices, and find solace in a calmer, more enriching activity.

    I love how much there is to learn practicing yoga. The poses, the anatomical mechanics, the breathing, the space you create, every class is different so it’s always worthwhile. And I’m grateful to have been graced with the opportunity to practice with an array of amazing instructors, and alongside so many people that share common goals. To find a new edge, realize there is always more in the tank than we think, and to bring those lessons off the mat. To get better.

    NoDa Yoga is a great studio and I wish I had discovered it sooner, but I found it when I needed it. Grab your mat and come breathe here, you’ll feel better when you leave.

  • Sydney Duarte

    RYT 200


    My Yoga journey began in 2008. Injuring my back in gymnastics, I was told to see a chiropractor every week for the rest of my life.

    I was invited to a yoga class that opened my heart, took away my pain and gave me hope for the future. I began teaching to give that peace and empowerment back to others, helping them to take hold of their life and get back into their bodies. Yoga for me is a graceful manner in which I can navigate the unmarked territories, while finding balance in honoring the places I have been.

    I approach health and wellness with a playfulness and sense of humor that encourages all personalities to the mat. Always inviting you to build awareness, embrace individuality and connect to the community around you. My style is for students who would like to experience play and exploration. Linking breath with movement, from one pose to another, mixing vinyasa flow with deeper stretch postures.

    Yoga allows you to get back to the true you. It can be simple, restorative, strength building…whatever you’d like it to be! The first step is getting started, the rest is a beautiful journey of practice that offers up a way for us to see the world in a new light. Yoga reminds me that everything is connected. I encourage others to live, dance, breathe with awareness while opening up to the relationship between physical body awareness, internal reflection and the free-flow energy in that moment of balance on our mats. I am here to help you ENJOY the journey.

  • Erin Finger

    RYT 200, Veterans Yoga Project Ambassador

    Gentle Yoga, Vinyasa, Yoga for Trauma, Yoga for Military / Veterans,

    I grew up in Louisville, KY and graduated from the US Air Force Academy. I studied at the University of Oxford in England, following graduation from the Air Force Academy, and served in the active duty Air Force as a Special Agent with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations, leading federal investigations for the US Air Force. I transitioned to civilian life in 2012 and continued my service in the Air Force Reserves until 2015.  I was introduced to yoga while deployed in Kandahar, Afghanistan; one of the Army nurses who worked with the wounded warriors volunteered to teach a class, and I was hooked! Yoga class was the only time I felt I could relax and let go of everything going on around me.

    After separating from active military service, I was lucky enough to find my yoga home at NoDa Yoga. As I continued to attend classes at NoDa Yoga, I also found a wonderful community of amazing and supportive individuals.  This encouragement inspired me to complete my 200-hour yoga teacher training through Bella Vita Yoga in Charlotte, NC, and I am now lucky enough to teach at my yoga home. As I have increased my awareness and understanding of yoga, I have also become more educated on how these practices are adapted and delivered to maximize their ability to undo the nervous system dysfunctions that underlie symptoms of stress-related conditions experienced by many of my fellow veterans.  I serve as an Ambassador for the Veteran’s Yoga Project, a non-profit specializing in bringing yoga to veterans and the broader military community. I have played the cello since the age of four and also enjoy traveling, reading, and cooking. 

  • Susan Chittum

    Yoga Teacher

    Vinyasa, Yin, Slow Flow

    My first yoga class was at Mindful Motion Yoga in Jacksonville FL. My husband, Randy, actually introduced me to Yoga! We moved from DC to Jacksonville FL about 13 years ago.

    That was the beginning of my beautiful yoga journey and discovery! I realized that life is so precious. When I’m truly alive, everything I touch or do is a miracle, being in touch with what I do and see. The practice of mindfulness is to become alive in the present & wonderful moment for me. Mindful breathing helps me to be calm, relaxed, and peaceful. To me, breathing is a JOY!!!

    I completed my 200-RYT at Mindful Motion Yoga, Jacksonville, FL in 2012 and taught Heated Power Yoga class. I plan to follow my passion to deepen my knowledge for a 300-hour Teacher Training at Asheville Yoga Center.

    We have lived in Charlotte for about 3 years. Having NoDa Yoga nearby was a big reason we chose to live here. It was my dream to reach here and that dream came true a year ago. I am grateful to be part of our community.

  • Susan Hughes

    RYT 200


    Several years ago, I found myself in a transitional phase in my life. Without really meaning to, I was reinventing myself - new job, new relationship, new home, new neighborhood. One day, I wandered into a yoga studio for the first time. I had always been active and athletic, but I quite honestly thought yoga was weird. Anyway, I figured I’d give this “yoga thing” a try. I was shocked by how challenging I found the class and how hard it was for me, so I kept showing up. I wanted to conquer the physical poses, but while I was looking for a workout, I found so much more. I found my breath. I found balance. I found flexibility. I found a quiet space in a loud world. I began a journey to finding me. Yoga became so much more to me than holding poses. It became “my thing,” and I am so happy I found it!

    My wish is to help you find your breath, your balance, your flexibility, your quiet space. We all have these things, buried inside, and I hope to share the tools to access them with you through yoga.

  • Jeffrey Shoaf

    E-RYT 500, LMBT, C-IAYT

    Gentle Yoga, Yoga Therapeutics

    Jeffrey has been an avid practitioner of yoga since his first class in 2002. His training from the Pranakriya School of Yoga Healing Arts include both the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training and 500 Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Certification. He received his Certification as a Yoga Therapist through the International Association of Yoga Therapists in December 2016. Additionally, he has practiced ayurveda therapies under the direction and assistance of Dr. Ashlesha Raut, a board certified physician of Ayurveda. Jeffrey is also one of the directors of the Atlanta based school “The Center for Integrative Yoga Studies” and leads teacher training programs with an emphasis on yoga therapeutics, fascial anatomy, and advanced pranayama. He will bring a new 300 hr. advance teacher training to Noda in 2018.

    Jeffrey is also a licensed massage therapist, practicing integrative bodywork, with a focus on myofascial release and neuromuscular therapy. He works with clients and students individually, integrating both bodywork and yoga therapy techniques to improve, integrate, and unite the body/mind connection. Jeffrey teaches yoga classes, trains yoga teachers, yoga therapists, and massage therapists around the United States, and practices bodywork and yoga therapy in Charlotte, NC.

  • Kortni Campbell

    RYT 200, Yoga for Athletes

    Vinyasa, Power, Yoga for Athletes

    I began my yoga practice reluctantly. I spent most of my 20's resolved that yoga was simply not my thing. I threw myself into nearly every active pursuit I could find, but yoga simply didn’t appeal to me; however, that changed when I began training for marathons and triathlons. My once flexible body was increasingly tight and I knew I needed to find balance in my training. I picked up a mat, started practicing, and noticed a difference almost immediately. What began as a desire to improve my fitness and care for a sore body, grew into a true passion for the practice of Yoga. I knew almost immediately I wanted to learn more in order to share that with others.  

    I completed my 200-hour training at Carolina Yoga Company in 2012 and subsequently added higher level training with a focus on anatomy, Yoga for Athletes, and Yoga for Veterans. I believe that yoga is for everyone and that we should approach it with openness, a willingness to laugh, and a desire to learn new things about ourselves through the practice. NoDa Yoga became my ‘home’ studio years ago because the community here is so strong, playful and committed. I feel privileged to teach and practice here.  Come play!

  • Emilie Michael

    RYT 200

    Gentle, Vinyasa, Deep Stretch, Slow Flow, Basics

    After attending my first class in 2008, I had a deep feeling that yoga would become an integral part of my life.  I became hooked on how yoga made me feel physically, mentally, and emotionally. Early on, I knew that I wanted to share these ancient knowings with others. Having been an elementary education teacher, I already had a passion for teaching.  In April of 2010, I received my 200-hour Yoga Alliance Certification at Joyful Yoga, in Bonita Springs, Florida.  Following certification, I taught at JY and other studios and centers in the area for several years. 

    My husband's job brought us to the Charlotte area in September 2014. I feel in love with the NoDa community and found NoDa Yoga to be a shining example of the amazing NoDa vibe! Spreading love, acceptance, creative energy and joy to all that enter.  It is an honor to practice and teach at NoDa Yoga. 

    Along with alignment of the physical body, my classes emphasize on the connection of the breath with the physical movements and postures (asanas).  By using humor, creative sequencing, and smooth transitions in my classes, I aim to create a space where people feel comfortable. I believe that ultimately yoga should be fun because this is when we reap the benefits.  Having experienced how deeply yoga affects both health and emotional challenges, I continue to draw from my own experiences to assist students in finding their most joyful selves.  It is my belief that anyone can practice yoga. 

    When one finds peace and love within the self, then the positive can be spread. Through an asana practice and meditation, individuals are empowered to be the mindful observer of the self.  We become less judgmental and critical and more loving and open. My hope is for students to experience this on the yoga mat and then to carry it out into the real world, in their actions and reactions. My mission is to encourage the spreading of this love and peace. 

  • Kate Baran

    RYT 200, Front Desk Staff

    Vinyasa, Pre-Natal

    Kate’s introduction to yoga was through dance, where she first learned the power of uniting breath and movement to calm, stretch, and strengthen the body. After landing in Chicago in 2003, Kate continued her exploration of yoga through dance classes and as a training tool for long-distance running, before finding a home studio at Bloom where she could focus solely on yoga for its own benefits.  Kate received both her 200-hour (2016) and 85 hr Pre-Natal (2017) certifications from Bloom Yoga Studio before moving to Charlotte, NC.

    Through connection of breath and movement, Kate encourages an intuitive and personal approach to yoga.  Her focus on a playful and safe practice encourages exploration and practicality, finding ways to incorporate yoga into every day life.  

  • Dani Garrett

    RYT 200


    Yoga is a unity of the body, breath, and mind. It has taught me and continues to teach me, how to stay present and at ease in my every day on the go. I love Vinyasa because it allows us to take time to link body and breath in movement, it’s such a mindful practice. It encourages everyone to challenge themselves physically and mentally. I aspire to bring that fun mindful movement to everyone who comes to class and I hope they leave feeling strong and uplifted! 

  • Cathy Dawson

    RYT 200 Hr

    Yin Yoga

    Bio coming soon!

  • Kayla Frank

    RYT 200, Front Desk Staff


    Bio coming soon!

  • Rachel Secrest

    RYT 200, Front Desk Staff

    Vinyasa, Slow Flow,

    Rachel was drawn to the kind vibes and knowledgeable teachers at NoDa Yoga and is so happy to be welcoming students from the front desk. A strategy consultant by day, she is thankful for such an inviting environment to reset and recharge. Rachel teaches Yoga for the Athletic Lifesytyle at NoDa Yoga and also enjoys teaching vinyasa classes. An avid runner, herself, Rachel also understands the unique needs of athletes and enjoys creating sequences to restore overworked bodies and enhance training regimens.

  • Maria Hallowell

    Co-Founder, E-RYT 200+, ICRC Reiki II

  • NoDa Yoga Wellness Partners

  • Kelly Howard

    LMBT, Neuromuscular Therapy, Sound & Energetic Healing, RYT 230

    Massage Therapy & Energy Balancing at Kelly Howard Healing Arts

    Kelly believes that treating the body and/or any of the dis-ease found within it starts with loving compassion.   She believes that caring for oneself means caring for the whole self: mind, body and spirit. Kelly looks at massage therapy, yoga and meditation as key components to full well-being and her greatest joy is helping others to be more comfortable within their body by using her intuitive touch, knowledge of anatomy, neuromuscular therapies and energy channels.

    Kelly is a graduate of NC Massage School, a certified 230 hr Yoga Teacher through the Asheville Yoga Center, certified in Neuromuscular therapy treatments and studies multiple forms of sound and energetic healing.

  • Alison is an Intuitive Energy Healer.  During Energy Healing sessions, she is able to see and feel the energy of the subtle body (Prana, Chakras and Aura) to determine the source of imbalance in the mind, body, and spirit.  As energetic beings, we are constantly connecting, grounding and balancing within our mind, body, and spirit.  Energy Healing/Reiki sessions can be a relaxing and soothing therapy, sometimes therapeutic.  Sometimes it is the opening to healing the source of imbalance or disease, and sometimes it prompts a spiritual awakening.

    Alison is certified in Usui Reiki at a Master level, and she also teaches all levels of Reiki.  She is certified in LifeForce Energy Work (working with vital life force energy flow), in Medical Intuition, and as a Meditation teacher.  She is a graduate of the Bella Vita Yoga Teacher Training (200 hour), has had Autogenic Training (nervous system medication)  and is a Shaman in Munay Kai, bringing energies of the Earth for healing.  Alison works closely with the angelic realm in all of her work and is a medium connected to that realm.

    She is committed to supporting each of the souls she encounters and the lightworkers on the planet in finding their mission and their path; helping to align their spirit and soul with their life purpose.

    Rates can be found here.